Mono-types are a beautiful process. It generally is a singular print with the possibility of a 2nd 'ghost' print which is much lighter. We often call them mono-prints but latterly there seems to be more of a distinction between the 2 being that a mono-type is singular in every aspect, whereas a mono-print has aspects that can be repeated, such as a motif, a stencil, a leaf for example. 

Below are examples of mono-types using the reductive method. The plate (which can be anything that ink can be wiped from, except glass if a press is being used), is inked up using printing ink and a roller. I have also used oil paint successfully at the beginning of my practice. Then, through successive wiping and drawing and a careful dripping or painting on of turps, an image appears. Hence it being called a 'reductive' method.

It carries with it a beautiful luminosity and immediacy that is unrivaled. 

It can be used in conjunction with flat found material that can be used as a stencil or inked separately in another colour, it can be over printed, and it can be used in conjunction with other printing processes such as collagraph.

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