Wendy Tate

Wendy studied in Scarborough, where she came under excellent tuition. She specialised in painting on her MA programme but in recent years has worked across various disciplines. She left her teaching post on the BA (hons) Fine Art course in June 2017 to concentrate on developing her fine art practice in painting and printmaking after establishing a new studio and print making workshop with her husband, Rob Moore.

The diverse landscape of North Yorkshire, with its combinations of sea, moors and woodland provide rich subject matter for her creative work. Wendy is a painter, print-maker, ceramicist and photographer. She finds herself constantly overwhelmed by the world around her, its beauty, its colour, its texture, its narrative; often forming metaphors in her mind that are later explored. Wendy tries to hold these observations in her memory as long as she can as the pace of life can make these moments so fleeting, often photographing and collating. She finds that through her work she can hold it closer, longer. Wendy looks for an emotional response to her subject matter and so would not necessarily call herself a landscape painter. Often relating to the place that has caused the inspiration as a Sacred Space, where an intimate moment is experienced; a shared space in which the unspoken is exchanged, anxiety is stilled.

Whilst working, she is drawn beyond the image into something that equates to that same feeling of sacredness, and she spends the remaining making experience trying to grasp it. She uses various approaches, endeavoring to express this emotional response to the world she finds herself in.


Rob Moore 

Before moving his home and studios to Scarborough, North Yorkshire, Rob was formerly Director at Studio Eleven Gallery in Hull and was also Dean at Hull School of Art and Design where he and his team built up an art school providing excellent design and art education to students locally, nationally and internationally. He continues to curate exhibitions at various venues around the UK. Rob is now a full time artist able to dedicate most of his time to developing his work as a painter and print-maker but still encouraging creative work in others via workshops at his Alma Studios in Scarborough.

He has for several years been increasingly inspired by working from and in the landscape. On the one hand he is in awe of magical places and spaces and on the other aware of the impact of climate change on familiar environments. The combination of celebrating landscape and hints of change underpins his most recent work that was evident in the touring show “ Living Landscape.”

Rob’s abstracted imagery does not communicate his concerns directly but often hidden in his delicate paintings are hints at something awry with the environment. He will often use metaphors in the form of boat shapes or stripped trees to suggest storm and drought or for his increasingly familiar harbour shapes invaded by tides or storms. He is happy for the viewer to enjoy his work for its shape, colours and intricate delicacy or to search for more hidden meanings in the pictures.

He and Wendy are working towards a substantial exhibition at The Inspire Gallery in Danby, North Yorkshire, in late 2019.